Financial Freedom Training

What does financial freedom mean to you and your family?

Financial freedom for me and my family will be the following, namely:-

  • Where our expenses are a lot less than the money coming in;
  • Where we have no debts, not even our mortgage;
  • Where we can afford what we want and when we want it;
  • Where we can afford to give to all the charities dear to us generously and simultaneously.

These are some of my motivation for my wanting financial freedom. What are yours? Do list them below in the comment box.

Financial Freedom Training

Unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you like me would need some financial freedom training to get on course to achieve your goals.

What I have found works for me are the following:-

  • Over the years I have read personal development books to help me get out of limited thinking and learn what is possible for me to achieve.
  • I have also submitted myself to hours of watching video training to learn how to apply financial freedom principles.
  • I attended a course a few years that addressed a system of saving called the money jar, learn about it here: The Money Jar System

I have learnt how consistently applying the above formula has helped others to achieve complete financial freedom.

Steps To Financial Freedom

Taking the right steps to your financial freedom will require you to invest in your financial education and savings for the short, medium and long term.

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