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Have you heard “Banks making loans and consumers repaying them are the most significant ways in which bank deposits are created and destroyed in the modern economy” (McLeay, Thomas, & Radia, Money creation in the modern economy, page 3)?

Timothy Madden, a leading mortgage forensic accountant, states that mortgages are illegal by design.

According to Professor Elizabeth Cooke (a leading law professor) who wrote the book The New Law of Land Registration. Every mortgage set up since 1989 is a void nullity, and is mistakenly registered at HM Land Registry. By applying to HM Land Registry mortgages can be written off and compensation claimed for payments made.

How The Banks Work

If you are intrigued and want to know how you may use this information to your advantage and you are based in the UK and own a mortgage, get in touch today for some very beneficial information. Also, if you have friends and family who also would like to benefit, do ask them to get in contact with me using the comment box below.  I will contact you by email following (so do ensure you place your most active email address in there which will only be visible to me when you post a comment).

My husband and I, our senior Pastor and wife and several others have taken advantage of a service who are providing us with the knowledge and information to confidently make a claim to write off our mortgage and claim compensation. Good news is your credit rating is not affected by this.

When you provide your information they will get in touch with you and take you through the process step by step. You will also gain access to their online platform which has a host of invaluable material to give you a clearer insight into how the process works. It’s really all so exciting!

I will be posting my updates in the comment box below on any free money I will obtain through this process and sincerely hope everyone who comes on board will do the same too.

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I really hope that we all have a very prosperous 2021!

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  1. Hi, I am interested in learning more about this mortgage process. I have heard about it before elsewhere but I would really love to know exactly how it works.

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