How To Compromise In Marriage

Every good marriage has its compromises, so please don’t look at compromising as a bad thing. However, if you find you are always compromising or losing your values due to compromise in your marriage it is time for you to take a stand.

A good marriage where both parties fear God and see Him as the head of their union will have a give and take approach to compromise.

How To Compromise In Marriage

Where one spouse is unsaved (not a Christian or a Believer), however, it may pose more of a challenge. For example, I knew of a Christian lady many years ago who would come to church every other week just to appease her husband who didn’t want her going to church every Sunday. This seemed to work for her, but should be viewed as a cautionary tail in marrying someone who is not of the Christian faith (and a churchgoer doesn’t count!) However if you were both unsaved before this kind of compromise could win the other over, see 1 Peter Chapter 3 verse 1.

Do you compromise in your marriage? Is it a give a take situation or is one of you always having to go with the wishes of the other?

What do you compromise in your marriage? Please share below in the comments section.

If you have anything more you would like to add from your experience, please also share below in the comment box.

Take care.


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