Important Black History Facts

Foremost Hidden Figures is a great movie. I watched it a few years ago when it was showing in the UK and to say I was ‘blown away’ is an understatement. These women were pioneers and unsung heroes!

All of them married with children with apparently supportive spouses and fighting racial prejudice, still rising to the top of their field and saving NASA in the first-ever experiment to the moon. They should be applauded and not only in black history month.

Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae, left), Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) and Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) in Hidden Figures.

In the UK October is black history month, but unfortunately, not a lot of people get a lot of historical facts for the black history month. Hence, why I have taken it on myself to share about these pioneers and to get you thinking.

Other facts about black history are found in the story of the following:


Billy Boston 
Samuel Coleridge
Dr John Anthony Roberts
Mary Prince
Lilian Bader
Moira Stuart


Ignatius Sancho
Madam C. J. Walker
Rosa Parkes
Harriet Tubman
Jackie Robinson
Carter G Woodson and so much more if you care to do your research.

So, if you are tempted to think black history month is just about eating different African or Caribbean dishes or the various traditional attires, think again, it’s so much more than what you think.

Do take the time to educate yourself about black history and the immense contribution that black people have made and are still making to the world, possibly even where you live, work and attend school.

In the world we live in now with the advancement of digital technology, it’s not longer an excuse to be ignorant. Spread the word!


5 thoughts on “Important Black History Facts”

  1. “Sometimes, we sit and we look around us and we think, ‘how can I possibly change all this?’ And sometimes you can’t. But what you can do is make sure wherever you go, people know where you stand. They know that you’re an anti-racist. You become a beacon of light that way. You become someone who makes other people want to be anti-racist too. You’ve got tools at your disposal. Learn. Read. And make everybody clear where you stand” John Amaechi

  2. I know it’s been over a year when I stated I would give a ‘Shout Out’ to Black Africans who have achieved greatness. I can only apologise for the delay. I don’t know what took me so long!

    Well, this year I want to start with Lord Paul Boateng MP, who became the first black UK Cabinet Minister in 2002. He went on to the House of Lords and was appointed Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

    I had the pleasure of hearing him speak last year at an International Men’s Day Event (women were invited). It was at this event I heard him say these profound words, “Racism is an evil and bad for your health”. He urged the listeners to “Confront the issue to create a successful multiracial community and world” as he addressed the topic of Structural Bias.

    He also stated another profound point which is it would appear that “Racism bends black women, but breaks black men.”

    Another thing that impressed me about him was his faith and long term marriage. Also, the pride in which he spoke of both. Learn more about this great man with a simple Google search.

  3. Paul Robeson was a black athlete, actor and musician who was a positive influence in Wales, UK. Learn more about his positive contribution to history. You can learn more by a Google search.

  4. We round off Black History Month with the Topic, “To Say or Not to Say” with some humour. Check out the video here:

    Let’s continue to work towards racial equality and address the Elephant in the room in our private and public lives. Find out more about how you and or your organisation can learn about and support The Race Equality Network to address the elephant in the room here:

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