Inviting Angel Investors

I’m inviting Angel Investors to fund investment (speculative) with a win-win – collaborative approach.

I am looking because I have already invested in other ongoing investments this year; however, I did not want to pass up on this one as you may know by now my desire to leave an inheritance to my children’s children.

This investment opportunity came in my email from Simon Coulsdon, who has been featured in several news publications and already a JV partner of mine (note the investments referred to above). At this time, I don’t have the money to invest in this one for the reasons aforementioned and don’t want to miss out, therefore, presenting this opportunity to the right investor that does.

Inviting Angel Investors

I have copied details of the email from Simon below for your perusal and I created a pdf of the webinar I went on to learn more which I have added a link to below.

“I can tell you it is a great opportunity I have recently teamed up with Dick, a good friend who has been property developing for over 20 years with 250 projects under his belt and a combined value of £78,938,752.

…he showed us exactly how he has done it!

We show you why Property Development is a fantastic way to make money following a simple 10 step process during the session!

The same 10 steps Dick has used time and time again to generate £78,938,752!

We’re also going to show you:

    • The 10 Step process that can be applied to any development project large or small.
    • How to make a development a win-win with no money down. and a share of the upside for the landowner.
    • How to get developer finance for 100% of the build cost.
    • How to check the feasibility of sites quickly and easily online.”

This is an 8 Week Course Starting 6th September 2021 at 7 pm which I and my fellow investor will have access to, will this be you?

So, I invite joint venture partners with money to invest who are willing to put their money in property deals as opposed to leaving it sitting in the bank at an extremely low interest rate. Please note this is for someone with several thousand pounds to invest which will include course payment and access to these opportunities.

You will find all the details and cost in the pdf of the webinar I attended to make an informed decision.

Please note this is a TIME LIMITED OFFER and will be accessed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Thank you for reading, if you are looking to invest in future developments please send an email to 

N.B. The above offer is now closed.

Should you have any comments, please post them in the comment box below.


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