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Healthy Coffee

I have been an independent distributor and customer of Organo Gold Coffee since October 2012 when my big Sister introduced me. What attracted me, other than the fact it was a great way to earn a residual income, was the fact that it’s a healthier option to my daily coffee fix – it got the […]

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Fibromyalgia Treatment

I know someone who is suffering from Fibromyalgia and she just lives through it telling me she’s constantly in pain. All I understand is that she is in constant pain and experiences chronic fatigue and she still manages to hold down a full time job, what a trouper! However, I recently discovered it’s more common […]

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Blurb Things were dead calm until the storm came. Who do you have surrounding you in troubled times? Is your faith strong enough to withstand when testing times come? They were friends from different socio-cultural backgrounds and shared a home. Biola was the lawyer, Chinyere the secretary, and Ejiro the national lawn tennis champion. If […]

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The Life You Deserve

I have heard it said so many times that ‘You don’t get the life you want, you get the life you deserve’.