Young Women Mentoring

Welcome to this page created solely for single Christian women. It is important for young women to be mentored by someone older and wiser. I want to provide you with insights and practical help and help you to become accountable in your Christian walk.

Just so you know I have already created a blog post that introduces myself and this topic.

Things to know about mentoring:-

  • Mentoring helps you work correctly through issues you may have;
  • Answers questions you may have;
  • Gives you the right perspective on issues you may be facing.

Good news the votes are in, so the podcast will be starting at 7 pm on Friday the 29th May 2020. However, I will need you to continue to supply me with topics that will need covering, the more you furnish me questions or issues to discuss the longer I will be able to continue hosting a regular podcast to answer these questions. Thank you to all those who have already done so.

Do tell me in the comment box what it is that you want to know about in future podcasts, what topics are pertinent to you and that you would like me to address in future podcasts. See the link to the post I referred to above here: Teaching Young Women Sound Doctrine

If you or someone you know is getting married or recently married, do pick up a copy of my book The Top 10 Marriage QualitiesTop 10 Marriage Qualities


The very first podcast was 7 pm Friday 29th May 2020 and is hosted via this website. Do share the link below with others to help get the word out! 😀

Do continue to use the box below to share your comments (also follow the link above to read and leave comments).

Please note that the topic for the current podcast is:

  • How do you prepare for marriage in dating? 

Follow the link to hear my Podcast Episodes

13 thoughts on “Young Women Mentoring”

  1. Preferred time: May 29th @ 7pm

    Other topics/questions:
    1. Can a woman be a career woman and wife?

    2. What is the biblical meaning of submission and how does it apply today ?

    3. Building a Home

    4. Financial Tips & Advice

    1. Thank you for your response Ike and topics which will definitely be covered over time. I will definitely weigh up the overall best time and confirm
      on Thursday. It will be recorded either way, but the live show does have the benefit of taking questions and providing answers.

    1. Your preference is noted, thank you. Do refer to the above post to add your questions and return for the confirmed date and time.

  2. I love that you are giving back and supporting younger women! I’ll be looking out for the podcast – May 29th @ 7pm is prefered for me too but I can listen back to it whenever!

    I think I would like to hear more about the building yourself up financially, business-wise and knowledge-wise while in singlehood. Thanks, Paula
    Paula x

    1. Hi Paula,
      You’re welcome. thank you. Glad to hear it and your preference is noted.
      I will definitely deal with building yourself up financially as I wish someone had taught me long before I became a wife!

      Look out for it in my future podcasts, but do come on this one. I will like to add though I have extensively covered that
      topic in past editions of Love Nurture Magazine (LNM), do see link here:

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