The Eliezer Project

7 years ago during the height of hosting the Love Nurture Functions, I started a draft of the Eliezer Project, unfortunately, I didn’t proceed beyond the draft and wonder how many people missed out on the benefit of being part of it.

The good news is it’s been birthed following a prompting from an unlikely source yesterday – God still works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. So I want to introduce the course to you today and invite young Christian women (and young Christian men who want to benefit) to come on board. Unlike the Mentoring Young Women podcast, this will be a paid-for service as I have outlined a 12 lesson course to enable students to succeed in their life before marriage and in marriage. Always bear in mind that your marriage should lead you to heaven and even if you have no plans to marry you should fulfil your call here on earth before you go.

What is The Eliezer Project?

First here is some useful information about the meaning of Eliezer, it means ‘God has helped’ in Hebrew. This is my goal and mission to help the younger generation learn the principles of Godly living in a practical way without limits.

Eliezer was introduced to us in Genesis chapter 15 verse 2  when Abraham first mentioned him before he became a father. Then years later he sent him to help him find a wife for his son Isaac. Eliezer was the head servant in Abraham’s household and Abraham entrusted him to help him find a godly and suitable wife for his son – Genesis chapter 24. I encourage you to go and read the story for yourself.

I recognise not a lot of teaching goes on in homes or churches to help prepare young ones for life and marriage, so this is where I aim to bridge the gap.

Would this course be of benefit to you or others you know? Tell me about it in the comment box below.

What Next?

Listen to The Eliezer Project Podcast I hosted on Friday the 10th of July 2020 to hear my story and the lessons learnt from it that can benefit your life. Also, I detailed an outline of the course lessons for you.

Take advantage of various payment options and do spread the word!


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Don’t forget to come on the Friday Podcast here: Listen to the Eliezer Project Podcast


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