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If you ever wanted to know how you could make money online from home, you will find that with the advancement of social media and technology it’s easier and cheaper than you would initially think.

Back in the ‘good old days’ when things were cheap, salary adequate and needs a few, life was good and everyone seemed to get by. However, those days are gone and many people have low income salaries, many needs and the cost of living is constantly going up.

The Reasons

There are a number of reasons why you would want to make money online from home, namely:-

  • Expenses: even the best of intentions can’t thwart how and when expenses will occur. The most infuriating and frustrating thing is they pop up when you least expect them to and generally when you really can’t afford it.
  • Debt: unpaid bills and money borrowed calling for your immediate attention comes to mind, when you think of the strains on your already meager income.
  • Holiday: If you’re fortunate enough to be on top of your expenses and debt – good for you. However, you might be struggling to scrape together the money for a much-needed break to recharge your ‘batteries’ and get back into the ‘swing’ of things. Where do you get the money?
  • Goals: You might have goals for the short, medium and long term that you would like to put money aside for, but without the extra income coming in, you can’t put any money aside and any you do manage to put aside is taking out to meet pressing needs.
  • Education: The cost of education has gone up and even with grants and student loans (which require paying back) you or dependents in education still have expenses and costs that the money here alone can’t cover.
  • Wedding: for those planning a wedding, even a small one will cost you money and if you want a big one, you might have to borrow (not recommended) for it or have parents borrowing against their home (also, not recommended).
  • Savings: one part of good money management is to adopt the habit of saving monthly, even a little a month has huge benefits on your morale and eventually your account.
  • New Car: there comes a time when you need to change your car and as nice as it may sound, you can’t replace the one you have or don’t have on fresh air.
  • House Purchase: Climbing on to or up the property ladder costs money and lots of it. If your salary cannot cover it, then you need to look for other ways to meet the costs. Unfortunately, when borrowing, the lender looks at your ability to pay it back and your previous track record with debt repayment.
  • Renovation: Now, you bought the house and even got a good deal for it, but unfortunately, you can’t afford the cost of renovations. So, you’re stuck living in a home in dire need or repair and or badly in need of updating, what can you do?
  • Retirement: it’s finally here and you wonder, were did the time go? You have reached the age of retirement and have found your pension is not enough to look after you in your old age, so what are your options?

The solution

You might already know were I am going with this (see the heading), nevertheless, you’ll have quite a job going through the maze of online opportunities out there by yourself.

However, I have through years of research and trial and error, found the easiest, most stress free (after you overcome the initial setup) and quickest way to make money online from your home. I even shot a quick video showing my results, if you’re interested, see below.


Although you may want to earn some extra money online or feel that you need to, I’d like to offer a word of caution. Trading the markets is not for everyone, you could lose all you money and it’s not a way to get rich quickly. Also, it requires a number of things which are in summary:

  1. The right mindset – you can’t be greedy, fearful or unwilling to follow clear instructions, you’ll fail;
  2. You must never, ever trade more than you can ever afford to lose, it’ll cost you;
  3. Trading the market is a game you are playing alongside the banks, no one can ever play this way and win without knowing the right techniques;
  4. You have to be prepared to educate yourself about the markets (see link to my book below). Get yourself a copy.


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Disclaimer: Trading the market is not to be entered lightly, 
but with careful thought, experience and guidance. The information 
provided here is not to be construed as financial advice, should you
require it, seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor - 
preferably one who has successful experience trading the markets. 
I merely share insights from my praticial experience and what I have 
found works based on this. You must never trade with money you 
cannot afford to lose.

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