My 4c Hair

I had contemplated doing a hair post for a while now especially as I’ve had some struggles with styling my hair.

As a mother of 3 daughters, it was important that I set a good example of embracing our God-given hair to them.

I had had relaxed hair since I was 19 teen and now I’m 53. I have seen my hair full, breaking and damaged over the years due to bad hair care. My hair is 4c and fine and I’ve only just understood how gentle I should be with it.

I went natural in Spring 2012.

My daughters who all had relaxed hair have since gone natural and are loving it ( way to go positive role model!)

My 4c Hair Journey

Even now I still struggle to find a presentable low manipulation style that I can keep for a week. When I don’t my daughters are my biggest critics and when I do they’re my biggest supporters. I also realize my hair needs lots of moisture, mainly water and that some styles on my hair won’t last me a week, so my plans for low manipulation goes out the window.

It’s been more of a challenge now that I have made a conscious decision not to add extensions or attachments to it.

I don’t even like stretching it out often by blow-drying just because I don’t want to damage my hair or lose its coil pattern.

The most wonderful thing about it is its chameleon-like abilities. One minute it’s short, next it looks mid-length and another time its shoulder length (when stretched out).

January 2017
February 2017
February 2018
January 2019
February 2020
July 2020

It’s my hair and I’ve embraced it in all its uniqueness and don’t view it as lesser than other hair types anymore. Even my greys are being embraced and it’s freeing up my time and emotions.

Part of embracing it has me praying for God’s guidance before I wash and style it and during. After all, he gave it to me so he’s in the best position to teach me how to best care for it – and hopefully, I can pass this sentiment on to my girls also.

Right now I’m challenging myself to improve the style, health and length of my hair and it’s working. So come back to monitor my progress and tell me how you’re embracing your natural afro hair and what works for you.

Especially, would like to hear from other 4c naturals.

Take care.


One thought on “My 4c Hair”

  1. I just completed a workout today which happens to be wash day (every fortnight in the Summer as I rather not tamper with my hair too often). With wash day comes the question of what style to carry for the next week or two – if I can maintain a natural style that long!Shrunken hair

    As I pondered I noticed how much shorter my hair looked and was almost disheartened until I did the stretch test. The shrinkage is amazing. Stretched hair

    What’s amazing facts can you share about your hair? Do comment below.

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