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Over 50 Weight Loss Diary

Well, I have been here before chronicling my weight loss journey about 5 years ago and not long after being diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Back then I was committed to losing the weight and stress that triggered the diagnosis and 2 years later I was finally off the medication with my doctor’s permission, lost the excess weight and got rid of the stress. This was in time for my 50th birthday and I looked great!

The thing to note is prior to the weight loss, I didn’t really look fat or overweight most days and this was misleading to me and others around me.

Over 50 Weight Loss Diary

Unfortunately, 2 years later, I have gained at least half of that weight back and I have resolved not to be deceived by how well my clothes are able to cover up my excess fat.

So, I have started another diary (previous ones got lost when I changed web hosts for some unknown reason I had to rebuild this whole site content again).

Today I weighed in at 75kg – 11 stones 8. 1lb (165.347lbs).😞

My ideal weight is 10 stone 6 lbs.

My measurements today were:

  • Shoulder circumference = 43 inches.
  • Waist circumference = 30.5 inches.
  • Hip circumference = 38.9 inches.

Incidentally, I have been here before in the last year, yoyo between 75kg to 71 kg and back again. My ideal, however, is to get down to 62.65925 kg which is my *Venus factor goal of 138.14 lbs. Therefore, my waist measurement should be 25.98 inches, shoulder circumference 42.03 and hip circumference range from 36.89 to 39.74.

I will also be following the Eat Stop Eat principles for intermittent fasting weight loss.

Do come back next week to see my updates.

If you have questions comment below. Also, if you want to come on this journey follow the links to access these:

*Venus Factor

*Eat Stop Eat

When I first lost weight in 2017 going from a UK dress size 14 to a size 10 I had a 21 day (between late April to mid-May) spiritual fast that I went on that was no way a bid to lose weight, however, it did cause me to lose all my excess weight in that period which was well over a stone.

Now, however, I follow the eat stop eat principle, which is a nutritional way to fast between meals and which I have found really effective. If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, then you follow the links above to get started today.

Take care. 🙂

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Last week I was not very disciplined with my diet plan as I ate a lot more sweet and high-fat snacks than I had intended, however, did manage to exercise 6 days and had a 2-day intermittent food fast. Pleasantly enough though I had when I weighed myself today I had lost 74.8kg (164.9lbs), which equates to a 1lb off my weight – yah!!! 😀

If you are looking to lose weight see above links for resources I have posted above.

I had a productive last week with a daily exercise stretch but had a few more snacks than I should have – periods started yesterday, so there was my (cravings) culprit. However, still lost .3kg.

Also, ordered probiotics, minerals and vitamins to help me from the inside out following this link here

Checked my BMI today and these are the results.

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