Over 50 Weight Loss Diary

Well, I have been here before chronicling my weight loss journey about 5 years ago and not long after being diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Back then I was committed to losing the weight and stress that triggered the diagnosis and 2 years later I was finally off the medication with my doctor’s permission, lost the excess weight and got rid of the stress. This was in time for my 50th birthday and I looked great!

The thing to note is prior to the weight loss, I didn’t really look fat or overweight most days and this was misleading to me and others around me.

Over 50 Weight Loss Diary

Unfortunately, 4 years later, I have gained at least half of that weight back and I have resolved not to be deceived by how well my clothes are able to cover up my excess fat.

So, I have started another diary (previous ones got lost when I changed web hosts for some unknown reason I had to rebuild this whole site content again).

Today I weighed in at 75kg = 11 stones 8. 1lb (165.347lbs).😞

My ideal weight is 10 stone 6 lbs.

My measurements today were:

  • Shoulder circumference = 43 inches.
  • Waist circumference = 30.5 inches.
  • Hip circumference = 38.9 inches.

Incidentally, I have been here before in the last year, yoyoing between 75kg to 71 kg and back again. My ideal, however, is to get down to 62.65925 kg which is my *Venus factor goal of 138.14 lbs. Therefore, my waist measurement should be 25.98 inches, shoulder circumference 42.03 and hip circumference range from 36.89 to 39.74.

I will also be following the Eat Stop Eat principles for intermittent fasting weight loss.

Do come back next week to see my updates. Also, share in the comment box below what is working for you or what part of my journey inspires you.

Also, if you have questions comment below. Also, if you want to come on this journey follow the links to access these:

*Venus Factor

*Eat Stop Eat

*My Coffee Shop

When I first lost weight in 2017 going from a UK dress size 14 to a size 10 I had a 21 day (between late April to mid-May) spiritual fast that I went on that was no way a bid to lose weight, however, it did cause me to lose all my excess weight in that period which was well over a stone.

Now, however, I follow the eat stop eat principle, which is a nutritional way to fast between meals and which I have found really effective. If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, then you follow the links above to get started today.

Take care. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Over 50 Weight Loss Diary”

  1. Last week I was not very disciplined with my diet plan as I ate a lot more sweet and high-fat snacks than I had intended, however, did manage to exercise 6 days and had a 2-day intermittent food fast. Pleasantly enough though I had when I weighed myself today I had lost 74.8kg (164.9lbs), which equates to a 1lb off my weight – yah!!! 😀

    If you are looking to lose weight see above links for resources I have posted above.

  2. I had a productive last week with a daily exercise stretch but had a few more snacks than I should have – periods started yesterday, so there was my (cravings) culprit. However, still lost .3kg.

    Also, ordered probiotics, minerals and vitamins to help me from the inside out following this link here

    Checked my BMI today and these are the results.

  3. I weighed in this morning at 73.5kg and must say even though I was pleased I lost weight and am proving I can lose
    weight in all the right places, I was still in the ’70s. I’m not usually in the habit of weighing myself as I believe weight loss by inches is the most desirable type of weight loss. So, on measuring myself, my measurements today read:
    Shoulders = 42.5 inches
    Waist = 29.6 inches
    Hips = 38 inches

    I look forward to losing more inches in these areas next week.

  4. I’ve not posted since mid-June because I indulged myself on Thursday 18th June, then was unwell for the latter part of June and into early July aching. However, I did push myself to walk someday’s and do pilates which helped me to an extent. I also had times where I just overate and indulged in things that were not so good for me and had gained inches (1 to 2) around my shoulders, waist and hips overall.

    In the time leading up to my birthday, I practised logging a daily food diary which helped me realise I wasn’t properly in control of my food portions.

    On Monday the 15th June when I weighed myself I weighed in at 72.4 kg which is 11 stone 4, so I had lost some weight before my birthday bringing me closer to my goal.

    Following birthday festivities (eating and relaxing more than usual for 2 weeks), I’m back to chronicling and being more aware of my food intake and disciplined in my exercising.

  5. My apologies for the late update this week. As you know life gets in the way. However, I am happy to report that didn’t stop me from exercising, but it did stop me from weighing or even measuring myself Monday (20th July) morning and even the next day (21st July).

    On Sunday I had started a 7-day inches loss challenge which entails for me HIIT exercise that I’d alternative with pilates and my nature walks. I’m working on self-control in food choices (and snacks) and portion sizes – God help me!

    So, let’s see how well I have fared by Monday 27th July.

  6. Unfortunately, I found I had gained back the weight and almost all the inches I lost since May when I first wrote this blog post; and I know where the problems lies.

    I have to put an end to snacking and curb my sweet tooth. The scales showed 75.3kg and my measurements were shoulders = 43″; W= 30″ and hips = 38.5.

    So, let’s see what next week’s weighin and measurements will uncover.

  7. I started HIIT today to loose up to 3 inches off my waist this week, an inch off my hips and come down slightly around my shoulders. Added a walk also to burn off a lot more calories. Have decided to be more disciplined in my eating and today kept my calorie intake to around 1000.

    My measurements today were smaller around my shoulders (42.9″ and hips 38″) however, my waist remain the same at 30″.

  8. Apologies as I forgot to post yesterday.

    I weighed and measured myself Sunday morning as I found it works best for me and found I had lost inches all around.

    I lost an inch off my hips, 0.4 inches off my shoulders and half an inch off my waist. However the two digital scales I had given my conflicting measurements between 70.6 to 75.5 which was annoying and why I don’t rely on a scale for weight loss. My daughters (15, 18 and 21) have noticed my body transformation as I am regularly getting compliments from them and my 25-year-old son seems impressed with my fitness.

  9. Weekly diary update. Update from last week’s fitness activities showed some variation in my measurements.Namely, shoulders = 42.5″ waist = 29.9″ hips = 38.5.

    Although my waist and hips measurements are slightly higher than last week’s my clothes fit properly and this is my focus. I again had trouble with both my scales with varying weights, one at 76.6kg and 73.6 kg – 11stone 9 and 11 stone 5 and I realise at the higher scale my waist at least would be a higher measurement and my tummy wouldn’t be as toned as it is. This is why the tape measure will always be the true indication of weight for me.

  10. This is not a glow, it's sweat.Today is the start of the second week of endurance and bodyweight exercise for me, using this lovely lady’s video here: https://youtu.be/WJqYiO8JaLw

    My measurements this yesterday are shoulders= 42.3 inches; waist = 29.7 inches and hips = 37.5 inches and I weighed in at 11stones and 4 1/2 lbs.

    My goal weight is 10 stone 6lbs by my 27th Wedding anniversary on the 11th September 2020.

  11. My shoulder measurement is the same, but my waist is up to 30″ and my hips to 38″ by yesterday’s measurements from a week ago. I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be last week nor as disciplined and health issues did not help (monthly flow causing migraines and backache). So, I’ve decided to take action and will update readers after the fact. Do return next week for this.

    In the meantime, please post below the health challenges you have and what you are doing to improve it?
    What's Your Weight Loss Challenge

  12. Anniversary PhotoI waited to update today as it’s a day after my 27th wedding anniversary and one of my goals was to look good for that.

    Also, I hinted in my previous post that I would be doing something drastic due to suffering ill health namely, migraine and lower backache. So, I decided on a 3 day fast of water with a daily cup of Ginseng tea which I added a plant-based sweetener to. My reasoning was I could flush out my system to help encourage natural healing.

    I initially started last Monday and completed 24 hours but was in agony with my lower back by Tuesday so gave that up in favour of Nurofen by lunchtime.

    However, I was able to start again by Thursday and completed last Saturday.  My measurements since then are shoulder = 42.5 inches; waist = 29.5 inches and hips = 38 inches.  Although it would be great to have a smaller waist I am seeing great definition in my overall body shape which I am very happy with. So come my anniversary I looked great and that was good for me.

    Since I’ve posted this today I will be posting next week.

  13. I had a great workout today and am happy with my fitness levels, switching it up and the variety. I’ve not measured or weighed myself in weeks and it’s so liberating. However, I continue to keep an eye on how my clothes fit and the compliments I’m getting from my girls confirms I’m on the right track.

    I love exercising for the overall benefits to my well being and health. What about you?

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