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Since the start of multi-level marketing (MLM), a lot of us have had a new and or fresh interest in creating a passive income for ourselves. These companies sold the dream of how you could make money from home telling friends, family, associates and complete strangers about their ‘wonderful’ product and or service.

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is earning money without actively going to work for it. It is generally based on the previous effort that is rewarded time and time again in a residual manner. However, because it is passive does not mean that you do not earn it or work for it. Many companies today have systems set up where you pay for a membership to access products or services to promote to others. Having said that there are free services that anyone can sign up for to obtain an affiliate link in order to promote a product or service.

Recommended Passive Income Online

Having been online since the early 2000s I have tried both and based on my experience I would recommend that you get trained before you embark on your quest for passive income online.

The best way that I have found is training that offers you paid membership where you pay to sign up for it. There a few things that recommend paid membership when you start looking and they are namely:-

  1. Affordability – when you have paid for a service you generally expect to get a great one! If you are really serious about creating passive income online you really cannot afford to be cheap. Obviously, look at your budget and see what you can afford based on what is on offer.
  2. Accountability – Having paid for a service the best ones ensure they keep themselves accountable by providing you with excellent service and a community that you can interact with, learn from and share ideas with. This community also holds you to account.
  3. Timeframe – Although your plan is to have a passive income online you have to understand there is a time frame and process which cannot be rushed. It might be hard to hear especially when others appear to be creating multiple passive online incomes quickly. Nevertheless, my advise if heeded will prevent unnecessary stress and loss.
  4. Training – Even if you’re a veteran network marketer or affiliate you like everyone else needs to commit to training. Training is what gets you good at what you’re learning and once learnt will help you start creating a passive income online. Coaching gives you the tools you need to succeed and when you commit to it you equip yourself for success.
  5. Online Presence – Another benefit to creating a nice residual income online is having an online presence in the form of a website. A website that you own and are able to access at any time helps to give you authority and makes you stand out to prospective customers. After all, with a website you are open all hours and able to take payments which is how you earn passive income online.

Where to Start

So, we’ve established you want passive online income and you need to be trained for it in order to succeed. However, I am not recommending an MLM nor am I recommending that you attend network marketing events. The reason being the focus with these is for you to make a list of people you know and go speak to them in order to get a sale.

However, with online training through the right affiliate scheme, you are not making a list instead you are taught/ shown how to promote what it is you already have the right way with the added bonus of being able to promote their affiliate link as well. This is great for the person new to online marketing or without any product of their own to promote on their website.

Get started

Last month I moved two of my websites that were hosted with Go Daddy as I found that another one gave me website security and other technical benefits that my previous host was providing at additional costs. Quite frankly, I have been amazed at what they have on offer to Premium members by way of tools and resources which includes training, so I signed up and it’s been extremely insightful, affordable and profitable.

To get started on earning a residual passive income online click the banner below:

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