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It’s amazing when people who need it and are given an opportunity to improve their lives reject it with this one sweeping sentence: “Is it a pyramid scheme?” However, I wonder is the question born out of ignorance or an excuse to do nothing?

If it is ignorance, let’s look at what they might mean. A pyramid scheme is understood to mean someone at the top enjoying the financial reward of all the hard work of the person/persons at the bottom or under them. Would that include your bosses, the banks and the government? I would think it does.

The real reason why people use this argument or reason as a defence is fear of the unknown. Also, taking responsibility for your own financial freedom scares some people. They want someone else to blame for their lack and or failure. Is this you?

I’d be careful next time I’m quick to ask, “Is it a pyramid scheme?” Instead ask, “Is this a legitimate scheme?”, “How can this change my life?” and “Why do I want to change my life?” Or, “Who will benefit from a positive change in my life?”

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Or you can visit the resources page on this website to find something else that might work for you. Visit my Resource Page

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