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Here at Love Nurture, we aim to teach couples how to nurture their marriage like a garden and connect their marriage to God’s heart. It’s also a great place to start if you’re not yet married and great place to build your marriage spiritually, emotionally and financially now or in the future.

Love Nurture Resources

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Anchored Assurance: My novel of faith, love and hope will provide you with a much-needed escape for a little while. Read the synopsis and get your copy using the button below.

Top 10 Marriage Qualities: Was written in answer to a survey conducted on the same topic and will provide you with clear insights into what these are and how to nurture them in your marriage. This book will also give the single Christian an insight into preparing for marriage.

Branding 101 Book: This book gives you all you need for running a successful business online. Visit the website and pick up a copy clicking the button below.



I have a few counselling sessions I provide, but the Dynamic Duo sessions for the husband and wife couple are by far the best as it’s focused on bringing the best out of a couple and their marriage. Get it here, click the button below.

counselling for Singles

It is important prior to marriage to understand a lot more about building the right foundation and dealing with mindsets and other issues that may pose a huge barrier in the future.

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From the very start, Love Nurture has featured an investment arm amply titled, Love Nurture investments and through the years I have carefully sourced various investment opportunities and come up with some real winners. Just to reiterate everyone needs up to 8 income streams according to Ecclesiastes chapter 11 verses 1 and 2.

So, in addition to your job and or business (see Branding 101 book above), you should look at generating other income streams.

To this end, I have written the book Forex Trading Made Easy based on my experience and insights, and provide tools and resources to help anyone have the ability to earn a steady extra residual passive income. You’ll be happy to know if you had purchased a copy prior to COVID-19 affecting the markets you’d have saved yourself unnecessary losses – it’s that good!

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