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Stay Fit At Home

I started this early March 2020 and barely did 7 days when I came down with flu-like symptoms, self-isolated and barely able to drink much water, I’m grateful to God for good health today. Since the 30th March 2020, I had developed a chesty cough, but having spoken to a GP (general practice doctor in the UK) at my doctor’s surgery she says it doesn’t sound like I had COVID-19 virus, but to protect myself for another week.

If you like me are home i.e., not a key worker and looking to stay fit and keep fit, then this should help you kick start your fitness and lose up to 2 inches of fat.

Hope everyone reading this and their loved ones are well or recovering well?😀

Let’s stay healthy, keep fit and stay at home during this lockdown. Take care. Just follow this simple 7-day challenge workout to help you stay fit at home long after the coronavirus quarantine is over.


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