Discovering Your Destiny

I was recently introduced to Robert Henderson and his insightful teaching on Operating In the Courts of Heaven. His insights on getting your prayers answered according to the will of God is so insightful and a confirmation of the teachings I have heard over the years, but his teaching brings clarity to the messages on praying, breaking curses and God’s purpose for your life.

How you approach God will determine how quickly you get your prayers answered and begin to accomplish your destiny and help your loved ones do the same.

If you want to ensure God’s will and purpose for your life, home and marriage, then you really should listen to this message.

I purchased the 4 part Mp3 and accompanying book and I am so blessed and my husband also has just started listening.

Discover Your Destiny

You have a book in heaven and it’s your job to discover what is written in your book and make it a reality. Are you ready?

Learn the 3 ways taught in the video. Forget the fortune tellers, turn your heart back to God in true worship (acknowledging him as God and worthy of your worship).

Let me know in the comment box below any insights you have gained once you’ve listened. Do you know what God has written in his books about you?

Get rid of your frustrations by aligning yourself with God’s will and purpose for your life.

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