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Speaking on the Truth Cause of Disease Barbara O’Neill says, “Genetics loads the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

Quoting Hippocrates said, “Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine.”

Mrs O’Neill also says that every couple of days, weeks and months the body renews itself. Thereby causing us to have brand new bodies every 2 years. When you look after your body it grows stronger as you get older and better.

Mineral deficiencies are a great problem she says, it comes from a lack in the soil and cannot be found in fast foods. Many people are sick through ignorance as they do not know what they eating and drinking.

In the video, she also makes us aware that there is no safe dosage in alcohol, alcohol is a neural toxin.

Mrs O’Neil went on to say, “You will never have a cure there’s something that must stop if you’re looking for after them for me.”

In the account, she gave of Florence Nightingale where the increase in hygiene, sanitation and nutrition reduce death rates. Note this fact carefully.

Two good recommendations for the gut and overall health are aloe vera and probiotics.

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Do share below with me and other readers how you have been taking care of your health and wellbeing.

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